With roots reaching back to the first French settlers, Quebec’s rich cheesemaking heritage has ripened over four centuries into a dairy culture bursting with flavor. Numerous artisanal factories now dot the province, crafting cow, goat and sheep varieties that showcase intricate local terroirs. From creamy Camembert to bold blue cheeses, these creative makers produce a remarkable range of fine products integral to Quebec’s culinary traditions.

Ready to embark on a cheese adventure with us? Let’s go.

Missiska Cheese Factory

100-Wheeler Street, Bedford, Quebec J0J 1A0

The Missiska Cheese Factory is located in the heart of the Eastern Townships in the picturesque village of Bedford in the Montérégie region. The village of Bedford is known for its vibrant cultural life and proximity to the Appalachians Regional Park, a very popular outdoor destination. The surrounding countryside is well suited to raising livestock and growing fodder, which encouraged Caroline Pelletier to establish her Jersey cow dairy farm there in 2008.

Fromagerie Missiska


  • Jersey cow milk cheeses: Missiska cheddar, Jersey royal, Missiska tomme
  • Jersey cow milk and yogurts
Famille Migneron

Migneron Family

1339 Monseigneur-De Laval Blvd., Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec G3Z 2X6

Nestled in the beautiful village of Baie-Saint-Paul, the Migneron Family cheese factory takes advantage of the breathtaking scenery and exceptional terroirs of the region to produce its fine cheeses. Baie-Saint-Paul and its surroundings are known for numerous artist studios, and this creative spirit is reflected in the originality of the Migneron Family’s products. Located near the majestic St. Lawrence River and at the foot of the Laurentian Mountains, Baie-Saint-Paul is a gourmet destination of choice.


  • Cow milk cheeses: Migneron de Charlevoix, Tomme d’Elles
  • Sheep milk cheeses: Tomme de Brebis de Charlevoix, Bleu de Brebis de Charlevoix
  • Local Charlevoix wines and spirits

Plaisirs Gourmets

150 de Singapour Street, Saint-Augustin-De-Desmaures, Quebec G3A 0P5

Strategically located in Saint-Augustin-De-Desmaures on the outskirts of Quebec City, Plaisirs Gourmets offers products across the Capital-Nationale region. This centralized location facilitates the distribution of selected artisanal cheeses to the four corners of the region. The proximity to many Quebec City gastronomic institutions and tourist attractions also benefits Plaisirs Gourmets by increasing the visibility of its artisanal cheese makers.

Plaisirs Gourmets


  • Over 80 Quebec artisanal cheeses
  • Soft cheeses (brie, camembert)
  • Blue cheeses
  • Cow and goat milk cheddars
  • Cow and goat milk blue cheeses
La Trappe à Fromage

La Trappe à Fromage

200 Bellehumeur Street, Gatineau, QC J8T 8N6

With no less than 7 branches, La Trappe à Fromage is well established in the Gatineau region. Its boutiques are scattered around town, with a particular concentration in the trendy Hull and Old Gatineau sectors. Proximity to Ottawa is also an asset for this cheese destination, popular with both locals and tourists. The location of its dairy processing plant in Gatineau also facilitates the daily distribution of its famous fresh homemade cheese products to its points of sale.


  • Over 300 local cheeses (cow, goat, sheep milk)
  • European imports (Swiss cheese)
  • Fresh homemade cheeses: fresh curds, aged cheddar
  • Charcuterie
  • Microbrewery beers
  • Gourmet grocery items

Blackburn Cheese Factory

4353 Saint-Benoît Road, Jonquière, Quebec G7X 7V5

The Blackburn Cheese Factory is a 4th generation family business located in Jonquière in the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region. Their Holstein cow milk cheeses combine traditional methods and sustainable technological equipment for consistent quality. Their unique whey methanization process to treat dairy by-products is also eco-responsible.

Fromagerie Blackburn


Holstein cow milk cheeses from their farm Cheese varieties:

  • Le Riverin
  • Le Blackburn
  • Le Cabouron
  • Le Cheddar (Valida)
  • Le Mont-Jacob

Brief History

Quebec has a rich cheese-making heritage dating back to the 17th century in the early days of the New France colony. The province’s humble cheesemaking origins developed from the dairy expertise of early French settlers and Indigenous culinary influences.

Over the subsequent centuries, many small artisanal cheese factories appeared across Quebec, specializing in the production of fine cow, goat and sheep milk cheeses. Today they can be found in every region, from the Charlevoix factories to those in the Eastern Townships, including the Estrie and Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean regions.

For close to 400 years, cheese factories have been an integral part of Quebec’s culture and culinary tradition. Their distinctive cheeses that showcase local milk and terroirs are a source of great pride for Quebecers.

Popularity of Quebec Cheese Products

The success of Quebec’s artisanal cheese factories is due in part to the growing consumer enthusiasm for fine cheeses. In recent years there has been a noticeable increase of specialized cheese boutiques and counters across the province.

This interest stems from the known benefits of dairy products for a healthy, local diet. In addition to traditional cow’s milk varieties, there is demand for more creative goat and sheep milk cheeses. The famous goat cheddar is particularly popular.

The increasing popularity of sheep’s milk cheeses also demonstrates this quest for diverse flavors. Several cheese factories now offer blue-veined or brined sheep’s milk cheeses whose complex tastes appeal to discerning palates. Even typical sheep butter is gaining notoriety in Quebec. By focusing on originality and quality, Quebec cheese makers are distinguishing themselves on the local and international scene. Their unique creations will undoubtedly continue pleasing new generations of foodies.