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We started with la petite folie which is a fresh cream cheese, made from 100% sheep’s milk. Rich and creamy is a delight on bread and crackers or to use in cooking.

La Fraîche de St-Sixte

Curds : 100% Fresh cow’s milk cheddar smooth, creamy and squeaky good. We make the cheese 2 to 3 times a week to ensure freshness. Fabulous for Poutine, salads and snacking!

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La Petite Folie

Our flagship product 100% sheep’s milk cream cheese

Smooth and creamy divine on bagels and bread. Cold it crumbles perfect on pizza and salads. At room temperature it becomes a creamy spread. Offered in 3 flavours plain, herb and roasted red pepper.

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The Fou fou feta

100% sheep’s milk feta

Greek style it crumbles on your salad, but is creamy in our mouth. Our feta has the right amount of salt so that you can taste the cheese.

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is a 50/50 blend...

Is a Brie that is 50/50 blend of Sheep’s milk and Cow’s milk. The cheese offers a butter and cream flavour, the rind is delicate and offers hints of mushrooms.

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Le Jupon Frivole

100% sheep’s milk this cheese...


Derived from la petite folie, we grow a bloomy rind on the cheese it creams from the outside to the center, and has a yeasty finish in your mouth.

La coulee douce

100% sheep’s milk is a hard...

Literally translates ''taking it easy'' This is another 100% sheep's milk Alpine Tomme. A washed rind with apple cider, the cheese has an earthy flavour that pairs beautifully with Port.

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La petite démone

100% Goat

A fresh chèvre that has the flavour of the goat without being overpowering. Available in 3 flavours plain, herb and roasted red pepper.

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La Sorcière bien aimée

100% lait de chèvre

Our Goat Brie style cheese has a sustained flavour and a delicate rind.

La chèvre fatale

Is a goat raclette style the rind is washed with a fabulous stout beer "obscure desire" from Les Brasseurs du temps.  the paste is soft and melts beautifully. The flavours of the goat's milk are sustained, but without any bitterness.

La chèvre d'art

Our cheddar style cheese made with 100% goat's milk is mild.

Fabulous Ewe

100% sheep's milk raclette cheese. Creamy texture and complexe flavours. Melts well, and pairs well with wine and beer.

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Moment of madness

Is a 100% sheep's milk mild cheddar.

Almost squeaky, the flavour is mild and creamy. This is a great alternative to other cheddars.

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Ewe’s fluffy

Is a Camembert style cheese 100% sheep’s milk.

The rinds have more flavour (yeast and mushrooms) and the paste is creamy and can stand up to a more robust red wine.

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Folies bergères style.

The base is La petite Folie: our Sheep’s milk plain cream cheese, add liquified Lebanese cucumbers and some garlic and voila. Fabulous with pita bread and crackers, use as a dip with veggies, or with meat.

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3 Cheese Lasagna with a lamb meat sauce.

A traditional Italian favourite with the Folies bergères twist.

Our meat sauce uses our Lamb from our farm. The Lasagna also features 3 cheeses from the cheese factory 1 Sheep, 1 Cow and 1 Goat. There is also a bechamel sauce to make the lasagna creamy and delicious. Heating instructions are on the container.

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Lamb curry

Heating instructions are on the container.

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