Our cheeses

Our cheeses:
Maggie is passionate about making cheese. Our cheese factory is the only one in the Outaouais that processes the milk from sheep, goats and cows. All of the milk is local from the petite nation. Just one type of cheese would be boring to make all of time, and would not necessarily interest as many cheese lovers. Fresh cheeses, bloomy rinds, hard cheeses, feta and cheddar.
All of our products are pasteurized. Maggie will not use any preservatives aside from salt, no modified milk ingredients, or colouring. When the cows give us orange milk then I will make orange cheddar….clients hear that one a lot!
Cheese-making is a mixture of advanced science and art…you have to feel the cheese and at the same time you have to respect the timing, temperature and ph levels. You have to constantly watch how the cheese progresses, how it ages and finally how it looks and tastes before presenting it to the public.
Each of our product names and drawings has a story. We chose a blue back ground for our labels so that customers could easily identify our products in a dairy case. Our fresh sheep’s milk cheeses have gold packaging to set them apart from other cheeses. Our cheeses have cheeky names that reflect our sense of fun about not taking ourselves too seriously. The drawings also reflect this tongue in cheek attitude.
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