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We started with la petite folie which is a fresh cream cheese, made from 100% sheep’s milk. Rich and creamy is a delight on bread and crackers or to use in cooking.

La Fraîche de St-Sixte

Fresh cheddar available in 200g and 400g curd bags and 350g blocks.
La fraîche de St-Sixte is made twice a week in the winter months and three times a week in the summer. We respect the milk and the result is a creamy wonderfully textured fresh curd that squeaks has a great flavour, but isn’t too salty.

La Petite Folie

100% ewe’s milk

Our flagship product.  A cream cheese made with the milk from our own herd; available in 3 flavours plain, herb and roasted red pepper.  It is simply heavenly;  smooth and creamy in your mouth...

The Fou fou feta

100% sheep’s milk

Is a Greek style feta that crumbles, but is creamy in the mouth and again not too salty.


is a 50/50 blend...

This brie style cheese is a blend of Sheep and Cow's milk.  It is a butter and cream experience with a hint of mushrooms in the rind.

Le Jupon Frivole

100% sheep’s milk this cheese...


Derived from la petite folie, we grow a bloomy rind on the cheese it creams from the outside to the center, and has a yeasty finish in your mouth.

La coulee douce

100% sheep’s milk is a hard...

Washed rind cheese. We use local cider from the Crocque-Pomme orchard in thurso to wash the rind.  This hard aged cheese has an earthy grassy flavour, as it ages is gets crumbly and then develops a more nutty flavour. My favourite for Port.

La petite démone

Is the cream cheese

is a goat cream cheese available in 3 flavours plain, herb and roasted red pepper, the bite of the goat is oh so subtle!

La Sorcière bien aimée

100% lait de chèvre

Our Goat Brie style cheese has a sustained flavour and a delicate rind.

La chèvre fatale

Is a goat raclette style the rind is washed with a fabulous stout beer "obscure desire" from Les Brasseurs du temps.  the paste is soft and melts beautifully. The flavours of the goat's milk are sustained, but without any bitterness.

La chèvre d'art

Our cheddar style cheese made with 100% goat's milk is mild.

La fabuleuse

Semi-soft 100% sheep's milk raclette-style cheese. the rind is washed with a raspberry wine from domain Mont Vézeau. softer texture that will cream in your mouth. Complex flavours in the family of Emmental cheese without any bitterness.


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